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Who We Are.

Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. is a global business resource leader specializing in commercial debt collection, asset & liability investigations, collection litigation and detailed financial analysis. Our services are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of the clients we serve and the unique characteristics of each individual assignment.


CIB has developed a massive database of virtually limitless business information resources to help search for assets, scan public records, locate individuals, evaluate property – nearly anything imaginable. Our national network of private investigators and field agents give us the ability to physically effect collection and to obtain even the most confidential and classified data available.

Debt Collection

The systems that we use will not just duplicate our clients' efforts with letters and telephone calls like most typical collection agencies. Our information resources and investigation capabilities provide a tremendous advantage to our collection process, as this allows us to thoroughly evaluate financial condition and ability to pay. Unlike the usual “boiler room” assembly line process, an individual recovery strategy is designed for each collection assignment to determine the best approach for that case.


CIB has established a national league of litigators, counselors, arbitrators, and collection law firms to provide legal services for practically any industry anywhere in the United States. Our tremendous array of information resources and research capabilities are coordinated with this vast legal network to execute judgments through asset seizure, bank garnishment, etc.


We have built our reputation for achieving outstanding recovery results while successfully maintaining extremely ethical collection procedures. Not only do we collect more than our competitors, but our progressive approach implements such a high level of professionalism that we are often capable of rehabilitating delinquent customers and re-establishing a basis for future business. This program is perfect for long standing customers that begin to show early warning signs of delinquency.

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