Litigation Services

Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. offers many services to help our clients with collection matters that require arbitration, negotiation, or dispute resolution; however, there are some cases that simply must involve the legal process in order to bring a reasonable conclusion. While every effort is made to promote voluntary payment on collection assignments, we offer our clients legal options when necessary.

Legal Forwarding

CIB has spent many years developing a national league of litigators, counselors, arbitrators, and collection law firms to provide exceptional legal services for virtually any industry. Our legal alliances are thoroughly scrutinized to assure that they are properly licensed and specialized in the handling of collection litigation. Often cases require attorneys with other specific expertise regarding certain industries or complicated and intricate disputes, and our network has the ability to locate the right legal professional for the job anywhere in the country.

Litigation Management

Once our office forwards a case to a legal representative for handling, our job is far from over. Most agencies that offer legal forwarding stop working after the case is referred for legal action; Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. works directly with our legal team to follow case progress and assure that our attorneys' actions are appropriate to best represent our clients. A CIB Litigation Coordinator is assigned to each legal case to monitor the progress throughout the litigation process.

Judgment Execution

Our tremendous array of information resources and research capabilities are coordinated with our vast legal network to execute judgments through asset seizure, bank garnishment, etc. Once assets are identified, CIB representatives work closely with our legal professionals to direct them in the process of retrieving our clients’ funds. Our legal team continues to follow debtors’ acquisition of assets throughout the period of judgment execution until the account is satisfied in full.

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