The Power of Information!!!

Our proprietary database contains extensive information on businesses and individuals across the globe that other companies simply do not have. We also subscribe to countless other data resources such as individual and property locaters, public records, credit bureaus, asset searches, business registration and licensing records, to name a few. Our expert skip tracers and researchers have the capability to find individuals that often elude others. The ability to obtain details about things like confidential bank accounts, stock certificates, income sources and other classified records often proves invaluable when negotiating large sums or executing legal judgments.

Nationwide Network

CIB utilizes a nationwide network of private investigators and field agents that give us the capability to gather data directly in the field whenever necessary. Although most agencies operate entirely with only phone calls and letters, there are many cases that simply cannot be resolved by telephone and mail alone. Whether it’s sending someone out to evaluate real estate, vehicles, equipment, or other assets; or having a licensed private investigator demand payment directly at a debtor’s place of business, our vast field investigation resources give us the ability to do things that typical collection agencies just don’t do or can’t do. Many agencies who claim to do investigations often do nothing more than duplicate your efforts with more letters and phone calls, simply because the process is expensive.

Packaged Searches

Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. offers packaged searches such as our Comprehensive Asset and Lien Search or Business Profile Analysis reports; but we also offer specific research reports designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Often our customers have utilized these resources to help make critical decisions ranging from credit approval and extension to collections and litigation. When significant exposure jeopardizes big dollars for your organization, only the most in-depth and reliable data will suffice – That’s where we really excel. THE POWER OF INFORMATION is at your fingertips with CIB!

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