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Knowledge is Power!!!

When it comes to debt collection, Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. consistently outperforms the competition. This is because we do things very differently from the typical collection approach. Rather than badgering and harrassing people as collection agencies have done for years, CIB concentrates on negotiation, arbitration, and investigation. Our investigations reveal assets, income sources, public records, and any other necessary information that provides us with the ability to negotiate from an informed position.

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Let's start collecting debt today. Let our experts speed up the process and help you recover what's owed. Our Clients only pay for results, since our collection fees are contingent on what we collect for you.

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Professional Representation

Our collection processes are designed to solve problems rather than create new ones. For years, many collection agencies have promoted intimidation and abusive behavior that quite often bordered on illegal. Such practices are not only unethical and improper, but they also don't work! Regardless of the nature of the case or attitude of the debtor, our staff is trained to always conduct business in a professional manner, without exception.

Legal Compliance

CIB has consistently maintained an outstanding record when it comes to complaints or legal action for collection practices. These days, people are much more sophisticated about laws governing debt collectors and collection agencies; and any party involved in the collection process is a natural target for lawsuits simply by being in that position. Since frivolous litigation is sometimes initiated by debtors just to complicate collection processes, it’s more important than ever to assure that those handling your collection matters are extremely careful to abide by all legal guidelines without exception. Our staff is well versed on the laws contained in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that govern third party consumer collections. Although commercial debt collection is not technically governed under the FDCPA, we still conduct our activity within the same guidelines when handling commercial collection assignments in order to assure legal compliance.


It's natural for most people to automatically become defensive and adversarial against those who try to be forceful. CIB’s procedures directly involve the debtor in the decision making process, utilizing the power of information to provide direction to a mutual resolution. The way we approach people is not as their enemy, rather as someone who can bridge the relationship between two parties and arbitrate the differences. We consider ourselves to be helpers – helping our clients recover their losses, helping consumers to keep pricing down, and helping debtors to get caught up on their obligations. Actually, many of the debtors that we pursue later request our help collecting from those who owe them – something that clearly reflects the positive results of our progressive approach.

Involuntary Recovery

Unfortunately, not everyone reponds with immediate voluntary payment in full – No matter how professional or tactful you treat people, there are those who refuse to respond to our efforts. Although our processes are not abusive, this does not mean that we won’t proceed aggressively to recover our clients’ money when necessary. While we do everything possible to promote a voluntary resolution, CIB offers other options for clients to protect their interests when debtors simply refuse to comply. Our Litigation Management Division produces extremely impressive results for our clients through lawsuits, depositions, involuntary bankruptcy (forced liquidation), bank garnishments, and asset seizures.

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