Agency Audits

Grade Collection Programs

Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. offers Agency Audits to help clients grade their collection programs. Clients who take advantage of this service enjoy improved collection yields, reduced write-offs, and increased revenue. CIB's Agency Audit Program helps you to determine which accounts should be charged off with confidence.

Extensive Examination

The Agency Audit process involves a thorough analysis of accounts previously returned by collection agencies as "uncollectible". CIB has developed a structured process whereby each step of the collection process is reviewed and exceptions are identified. Our representatives apply the right tools to complete the collection and produce the best recovery solution. Quite often, this means additional income for your collection department.

Information Resources

Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. maintains a massive database with resources to locate information such as bank records, assets, liens, creditors, suppliers, etc. We also employ a network of over 10,000 private investigators and field agents throughout the United States. This gives us the ability to go face-to-face with debtors and to negotiate from an informed position. With information and investigation capabilities that typical collection agencies don't have, CIB can effectively recover the money that the others leave behind.

Revenue From Write-Offs

Our Agency Audit program produces additional revenue from accounts that would otherwise be written off as a loss. There is no risk for conducting an Agency Audit, as CIB is paid exclusively from proceeds of additional revenue recovery. Since pricing is contingent upon performance, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Call your CIB representative today to ask about how our Agency Audit can increase your collection results and generate additional revenue for your business.

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